Level of completion of the houses after the construction and mounting works

  • inside – The level of completion is up to the ground coat and putty under the Bulgarian State Standard.
  • outside – The level of completion is with thermal insulation and stone facing

First and second floor

  • inside – The walls are left with the natural colour of the wood. Depending on the wish of the client they can be painted or at places to be built a decorative plasterboard construction.
  • outside – The level of the completion of the walls is to be painted with primer coat and paint soluble in water.

Level of completion of the houses according to the individual systems
Basement, first and second floor

  • Water supply and sewerage system–all water supply pipes are mounted to the ‘end cap’. All sewer pipes are mounted and connected to the waste water drain.
  • Heating and ventilation –all systems and electrical appliances regarding the smooth functioning of the heating and ventilation system.
  • Electricity – all contact and lighting switches which are led and installed under a preliminary house plan
  • Dust-cleaning built in the walls

Level of completion of the road infrastructure and planting around the houses for the whole settlement

  • road surface for the car – asphalted
  • pavement, parking lot – concrete paving stones which are 10cm high and in different colours
  • planting – the planting will be done according to the project for the whole settlement. 3D visualization shows the future green vegetation. Change is admitted only in the yard of each owner individually.

Maintenance fee

In the presence of so many houses in the complex, each owner will pay a fee for maintenance of the common parts. It includes: cleaning of the snow, cleaning of leaves and other dirty elements, 24-hour physical security of the compound, grass mowing, maintenance of the sprinklers, electricity for the street lighting, etc. The maintenance fee will be additionally specified prior to the conclusion of the preliminary or the whole sale and purchase contract.