Through the merits of the wooden houses of high quality to the high standard of life in them

A house made of massive agglutinate timber, the so-called log house – this is traditionally a smart and safety choice. Unlike the massive house (built of concrete and bricks), the wooden one is a work of art itself and can comply with every environment because the timber, especially the Finnish snow-white spruce, has a very beautiful texture and does not age with time but stays always up to date.
The best way to live healthy.  The explorers say: the house made of massive timber makes the most comfortable internal atmosphere for the human health. Thanks to its characteristics the timber normalizes the blood pressure and function of the lungs, improves the sleep and the general condition, increases the intellect and work capacity, eliminates stress and even stimulates the good memory, and the sunny colour of the wood improves the mood. The wooden house lives along with its owners, giving him/her the power of the earth and the energy of the sun. The popularity of the wooden houses is increased all over the world also due to the fact that they have a number of advantages over the houses build of other materials.
Most stable and resistant.  The wooden house – this is the oldest and most traditional living house. The people have been getting profit of the wood for ages – this natural, warm and useful material. Many inhabited wooden houses are hundreds of years old.
Most economical. Unlike other construction materials, considering altogether the ecological factors, the wooden house, thanks to its characteristics, is the most energy-saving one. The main advantage is the fact that nowhere on its walls there are ‘cold bridges’ and surfaces with condensed moisture.
Most ecological.It has been proven that the timber is the most ecologically clean construction material.
Most resistant to earthquake. The main reason for the construction of houses of massive wood in Japan, central Asia, Caucasus and other regions is their resistance to earthquakes. It is a well-known fact that the beams for making the walls can be „displaced” without breaking the construction of the house which protects them from being damaged even in case of the strongest earthquake.
The most ‘breathing’.  ‘Breathing’ construction means the one that is able to filter, clean and cool the incoming air flow. The wooden houses are the most ‘breathing’ because they let the carbon dioxide and other gasiform dirty substances in the air of closed premises pass through the walls.
The most optimum level of humidity. It is very important that the humidity of the air in the house has the optimum level because the distribution of bacteria and other microorganisms, causing infections are spread in premises both with humid and dry air. In case the air is too humid mould, must and parasitic funghi may reproduce and in case it is too dry the respiratory organs may get infected. When a person inhabits a given house there is difference in the humidity of the different premises and the in-house air is always drier especially in winter time. The advantage of the wooden house in this case is that the walls can take away the unnecessary humidity of the air in the closed premises and take it out and when the air is dry – there is an opposite effect. Thus a perfect humidity balance is kept.
The Association of the Asthmatics and Allergic People recommend optimum humidity of the air 25-45% so that the wooden house is the best version for them and people who take care of their health.  
The cleanest air.   Thanks to the unique structure of the wood a constant exchange of the air is provided so that the main problem is solved – filtration of the premises and also the toxic gases from the air are taken out.
The studies show than unlike the wooden material, the house, built with other construction materials lead to an opposite effect – the accumulation of bacteria, mould and acari is increased because these construction materials are saturated with dimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phenol, benzene, etc. and more than 400 similar names that increase the aptness of the people to different diseases, especially allergies and asthma.  
The freshest air.   One of the most important characteristics of the massive wood is that it can catch the humidity in the premises when its level increases and vice versa – in case of a lower level of humidity it takes it back. Such a natural regulation of the humidity in the wooden house provides opportunity to its owners to constantly breathe fresh air.
Warmest and cozy in the winter..  Thanks to the fact that the walls are made of wood and they can balance the humidity levels in the house, comfortable temperature is maintained all over the year – it’s cool in summertime and warm in winter. In wintertime the wooden houses are the warmest because the wood isolates the warmth due to its low natural thickness.
The coolest in summertime. In the summer the wooden houses are the coolest ones because due to the structure of the fibers the wooden houses let the air go in the two directions that ventilates the house and protects it from getting too warm inside. Because of this, air conditioners inside are not necessary.