The location – the most important factor when we choose property

Resting on our experience in selling real estate properties, we know that when one intends to buy such a house – for investment or living, the first thing he/she is interested in, is the location.

The complex is located in the most proper living area in Sofia.

Looking at the beautiful view of the downtown of the city clearly visible before you, you will feel that you are so close to it and at the same time the fresh air, coming from the mountain directly behind you on the South reminds you that you are still at home – close to the nature, far away from the city noise and dirt of the big city. There is only silence and tranquility.

The most proper living place in Sofia in facts:

  • – 10 minutes by car from the National Palace of Culture to the entrance of the compound (from 19 p.m. to 07 a.m), and in rush hours – maximum 15 minutes
  • – Accessibility to the hospital – 3 minutes by car from the compound to Sveta Sofia hospital
  • – Accessibility to the public transport –3-4 minutes walking to the bus stop where the buses to the down town stop.
  • – Accessibility to a kindergarten and school – 5 minutes by car.
  • – Accessibility to clothes shops and supermarkets, restaurants, a cinema, a coffee shop, a bar and other entertainment places – 5 minutes by car (BULGARIA MALL)
  • – Accessibility to shops for furniture, construction materials and other home products – 10 minutes by car