For the construction of our houses, in Scarlet Flower complex, we have used mainly natural building materials. Our houses are not passive according to the official determination as such. We have used materials that constantly interact with the environment and thus making the houses to ‘breathe’.

Cosntruction materials used for the basement:

  • Walls, floor and ceiling – steel and concrete construction
  • Warmth insulation – mineral stone wadding on the external side of the basement
  • Facing of the external walls – facing natural stone which will be impregnate against moisture
  • Internal walls – stucco ground coat or plasterboard, depending on the client’s will.

Contruction materials used – 1st and 2nd floors.

  • External bearing and internal partition walls – massive agglutinate wooden beams made of Finnish spruce with thickness of the beam 18 – 20cm.
  • The beams and the whole wooden construction are produced by our Finnish partners LAMEKO – PANTASALMI Company, of which we are exclusive representatives for Bulgaria. The beams are certified under DIN euro certificates. Ecological water-based glue is used for laminating them together. The warranty of the beams is more than 50 years in case of correct exploitation.
  • Warmth isolation – without additional warmth isolation. The wood is a sufficient warmth isolator.
  • Processing of the external walls – for the wooden beams two layers of water-based first coat against insects , funghi and mould are processed and afterwards three layers of wood paint of high quality is placed, which is produced by the Finnish company TIKKURILA for that purpose and has warranty of 10 years.
  • Processing of the internal walls – the walls inside are left in the natural colour of the wood. If the client wishes the internal walls could be painted in any colour. Besides, the wood of some of the walls may be covered with plasterboard construction or wall-paper but it depends again on the wish of the owners.
  • Windows – woodwork of high quality with low coefficient of heat conduct < or = 1.

Use of construction materials-roof

  • Aluminum cover of high quality under a special system that connects the individual layers with a double rabbet.

Heating and ventilation:

  • The heating and cooling of the separate rooms will be done through thermal pumps air-water of high quality and very economical and the whole pipe power routing and all the joints on it, including distribution valves, etc., will be according to RECHAU.
  • Heating of the hot water for domestic purpose – by means of a thermal pump air-water and solar panels. The purpose is the use of the solar energy to the fullest extent and thus we achieve our idea for ecological and economical houses.

Water main and sewerage:

  • All pipes for the drain and water main will be under the so-called ‘noiseless’ system.

Why do we use Finnish spruce and not pine? or 10 advantages of the spruce over the pine when building wooden houses

1. More moisture-resistant than the pine.The spruce absorbs the moisture less than the pine and because of this the wooden houses made of pine wood are more susceptible to mould and decay.

2. Homogenous white colour. The spruce wood has homogenous white colour because in its essence the core and sap-wood are white. The pine wood has a big diameter of resin, bright yellow core and only a small white part on the bark. The motley pine wood adds to the house a simpler look and the homogenous white spruce creates atmosphere of elite style and elegance.





3. Almost invisible joints of the agglutinate parts. If we accept the fact that currently even the highest quality of the materials for construction of luxurious wooden houses are agglutinate, in this case the unicolor spruce has another indisputable advantage: almost invisible joints of agglutinate parts.

4. Does not get dark with time. With time, the wooden houses built of spruce do not become yellow like the ones made of pine and they stay pale. The resinous solid substance of the pine becomes yellow with time and sometimes it even becomes brown.

5. The little light knots of the spruce unlike the big dark brown knots of the pine are also an advantage and contribute to the better internal and external look of the house.




6. The spruce material agglutinates better. The spruce wood agglutinates better because it is more water resistant. Due to this the spruce, in comparison to the pine, is less susceptible to deformation.

7. Does not flow out. There is a big amount of resin in the composition of the pine, even on its surface and that is why it flows out all the time. The pine wood for example cannot be used for the production of saunas because when heated the resin begins to flow out. There is also resin in the composition of the spruce but in very small amounts , we could say that it is ‘invisible’ and therefore it doesn’t flow out.

8.No cracks. It is said that the spruce wood is softer than the pine one but in reality it is harder. During its treatment the spruce does not bend easily and that is why some of the producers prefer not to use it. This gives a big advantage of the spruce over the pine – the spruce is more resistant to warping. That means that if loaded in the same way the pine wood is cracked, the spruce wood is bent a bit but it doesn’t crack. Therefore there are many cracks to be seen on the walls of the houses made of pine and on the walls of the spruce wooden houses there are no cracks.

9. The luxurious wooden houses of high quality are made only of spruce. The pine material is not proper for the building of luxurious wooden houses due to the fact that with time the pine becomes yellow and the big brown knots become darker and they gradually separate from the wooden mass.

10. The wooden houses built of spruce, have been preserved for hundreds of years and they have kept their quality. This fact has been recently proven by studies made in Finland. The wooden houses of good quality, built of spruce 100 years ago, have exceeded the quality of the wooden pine houses.