The Complex

Instead of introduction.We can say with confidence that this is the first of the kind closed complex of luxurious eco houses built in Bulgaria. All the details are unique and have not been produced so far with the same design. The houses themselves are designed especially for us and they have no analogues all over the world.

In case you have doubts! Everything that can be seen in the preliminary 3D visualizations has been designed and will look exactly the way it is shown. Starting from the gate, the parking places, the administrative building, the houses, the walking alleys, the vertical planning and landscaping, the street lighting, the kids playground and ending with the automated irrigation system.

About the complex. We would like to get you familiar with ‘Scarlet Flower’ – luxurious complex of a closed type, located on the foot of Vitosha mountain and at the same time only at an 10 – minute distance from the downtown of the city (National Palace of Culture). The compound is built on a plot with a total area of 12330 sq. m. It consists of 15 one-family houses, a playground and an administrative office building with parking places lot for visitors. The houses are of three types: type 1 – 3 houses, type 2 – 9 houses and type 3 – 3 houses. Each house has its own plot from 650 sq. m. to 720 sq. m.
The facing of the basement of each house is made of natural stone, impregnate against moisture. The partition walls in the basements are not bearing and can be replaced as you wish during the construction or afterwards with the purpose of reorganizing the rooms.
The square surface of the rooms is the plain pale space to be seen on the layout and it doesn’t include the internal walls.
For more comfort the height of the ceilings of more of the rooms on the first and second floors in the three types of houses is 3 meters.
Each one of the three types of houses has its own plot and the house is sold with it. The plots that go with the houses have different square surface depending on the location of the house in the compound and does not include the walking and car alleys property. Each owner will have a share of the walking and car alleys property.
There is enough space in each yard to build an open pool.
There will be cables laid for internet, telephone and intercom system with a video camera.

Fencing and security. The whole settlement will be surrounded by a massive fence so that you and your children will feel yourself calm and undisturbed, away from the prying eyes of the neighbors. Besides, the massive fence isolates the noise and strong cold wind during the winter. The only non-massive part of the fence is where the gate is, because according to the construction acts the massive part cannot be higher than 60 cm. The administrative building in service of the settlement is there. The whole compound will be secured with a 24-hour security guard with video cameras and only the people who live there and their guests will be admitted to get in.