Modern architecture – or another view of the truth for life!

Trying to get over the fact that we are too obsessed with the high technologies, we often need to get closer to the nature and appreciate all, obtained in a natural way: food, clothes, shelter.   Now, there is real revolution in the world of the low-storied construction. Houses built of natural materials, namely the wooden houses are often built. More particularly – wooden houses made of massive agglutinate or entire beams, the so-called log houses. These are not the wooden houses with wooden construction bearing the weight, XPS isolation, OSB plates, etc., all of them made of ‘health’ construction materials, except the wood in the construction. The houses built of massive wood are being revived. To live in such a house is not only a sign of prestige and comfort but also necessity because there are lots of toxic chemicals which are dangerous for the people in the structure of all modern construction materials. The popularity of the wooden houses has been more and more increasing worldwide due to the number of advantages over the all other construction materials. Because we live in a time in which researches and studies in all spheres of life are conducted, we confide in the opinion of the scientists that the best way of living is the healthy one and what’s best than this to live in a house that provides it all. The researchers say that the wooden houses, because they are built entirely of natural materials, create the most comfortable and health atmosphere for the people, decrease stress and the sunny colour of the wood improves the mood.             In our daily round we often have many ideas but we don’t succeed to realize them in real life. There are few simple reasons – lack of will, fear of being entangled in the ‘whirlpool’ of problems and last but not least – our common indolence. We succeed in not being dependent on our fears and uncertainty and that is why we started to design the settlement Scarlet Flower. The common opinion and impression of the people in Bulgaria is: „ The wooden houses in Bulgaria are not up to date and they are not demanded because their architecture is quite unvaried and humdrum and they all look like the mountain houses for rеcreation”. They think that all houses built of massive wood are the same and have the CHALET style. (word for word translation as a bungalow).


The reality is different from the standard – after we made a study we found out that we could build a house using almost all type of wood architecture if we know how to make the design it correctly as far as the construction is concerned and if we are experienced in this. The only country in which the architecture of houses built of massive wood are recognized to be the most creative all over the world and which has enough experience in this is Finland. We don’t compromise the quality of our houses and that is why we used the services of one of the most world famous Finnish designers of wooden houses – Asco Lax. Of course, we could simply use a model house from a company for production of such houses and finish here the design phase in a fast and less expensive way but we wanted something unique, something that no one had built before in Bulgaria. The result – wooden houses with impressive architecture, combination of an urban type of construction with the bow-windows typical for Bulgaria, with big and spacious rooms, many windows and 3-meter high ceilings and very comfortable and functional room-plan, a house of which the other owners will be jealous.